~~~ Splish ! splash! Froggles is awake To the sounds of pitter patter He is ready to go outside and play

~~~ But he is afraid of the rain

~~~ As he looks outside the window He has his face pressed against the glass He is so sad

~~~ His froggy friends are having fun Jumping Splashing Dancing in the rain Rolling in the mud

~~~ Froggles is afraid

~~ There is a knock at Froggle's door His friends wants him to play

~~ But Froggles afraid of the rain

~~ They sing to him 'Pitter pater Whats the matter Don't you want to come out and play'

~~ He smiles at their singing But he is afraid

~~ Froggles wants to have fun So He goes up to the attic To see what he could find

~~ And He found it ! An idea ! Up in the attic In an old trunk Now he will have fun Singing with all his froggy friends Jumping around He is getting ready Putting on some of the things That he has found

~~ He pulls his summer flippers on

~~~ He puts his new swimmer floaters On his arms

~~~ He uses PaPa's old football helmet To protect his head From the raindrops

~~~ He found an old flowered shower curtain He tied it around his neck It made him feel like superman

~~~ And He brings an umbrella Just in case He is ready to go out and play Now Froggles isn't afraid of the rain

~~~ He found his friends At the Old Mill Pond They were having fun When they saw him They started to laugh Froggles asked, 'What are you laughing at ?'

~~ Froggles felt ashamed And sad

~~ But he decided to have fun instead

~~ They leaped into the puddles They rolled in the mud They were having fun They jumped to try to reach for the sun

~~ They raced across the cool blue pond Froggles was trying so hard He was going to be first He was going far He swam so fast His swimmers fell off his arms He didn't even notice

~~ They were chasing each other Playing tag As they played leap frog Jumping from frogs to logs Logs to frogs Even in the mud Froggles jumped so long He stretched his legs so far His flippers fell off He didn't even notice

~~ They were getting tired And wanted to rest They decided to sit And Have a croaking contest Instead Froggles croaked so loud He laughed so hard His PaPa's old football helmet fell off He

~~ He forgot about his umbrella He left on the ground Until The wind came around The umbrella started to go Up Up and away ! In the sky It went up so high With his shower curtain around his neck Froggles thought he could fly Like superman

~~ He went on the edge of a log He jumped With his superman's cape on To catch his umbrella Floating in the clouds But He just fell SPLAT !! On a lily pad Flowing In the middle of the pond

~~ His friends started to laugh Froggles wanted to cry ' What are they laughing at ? ' , Froggles thought ' I was just trying to have fun ' He ran home to hide

~~ Again There was a knock at Froggle's front door His friends dressed in the things That they laughed at before The ones he didnt notice that were gone

~~ They had for him a present For They wanted him to come out and play It was a superman shirt To go with his cape

~~ For Froggles was a superman of having fun He taught them that it is more fun just to be yourself No matter what you wear What you fear Superman is in your heart To find him You just have to be yourself

                                   WRITTEN BY: Romanticallyshy

                                         TOO SHY PRODUCTIONS

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