PAGE 1 - Today is Froggles family day They are going camping at the park To meet with his family and friends They are going to have fun Eating lot of goodies Playing froggie games Even ... Play in the rain And They will stay until it is dark.

PAGE 2 - It is time for Froggles favorite game Flies wrapped up Hanging from an old oak tree The first one to knock it down Lets all the flies out Gets to eat the treat Froggie candy Flies rolled up in a leaf The kind all froggies love

PAGE 3 - It is now Froggles turn to play He jumps way back Lifts up his legs Kicks the leaf Filled with all the fly treats He kicks so hard It falls to the ground All the flies fly out .

PAGE 4 - Froggles caught them with his tongue He ate them all He didn't even share He didn't care When it made all the other froggies sad He was so selfish

PAGE 5 - Then He started to get bigger ! And BIGGER !!! It look as if some one was blowing him up Like a balloon And He started to get a belly ache From all the candy he ate As he was going up ... up He started to float away.

PAGE 6 - They followed him To try to pull him down Froggles friends grab his foot But it slipped Because of the wet mud It was too late ! Froggles is floating with the clouds.

PAGE 7 - He is on a great adventure Far up in the sky A plane passes by He starts to twirl He looks like a ballerina Spinning like a top Froggles is getting so dizzy He wants to stop!

PAGE 8 - Three blue birds Are flying high in the sky Froggles looks up To watch them pass by Do-do in his eyes Froggles can't see He starts to cry !

PAGE 9 - The sun is shining big and bright High up in the sky Froggles is getting so close He is getting sunburned He is afraid he is going to ... POP !! Froggles is so hot He wants to go home !

PAGE 10 - The sky is getting dark and scarey Lightning is all around He hears the sound of thunder BOOM ! It scared him so much CROAK !! Froggles croaked so loud The flies started to come out of his mouth ! One by one .

PAGE 11 - As the flies flew out He slowly started to flow to the ground It was getting so late Froggles is afraid of the dark The flies then turn into lightning bugs Flying beneath Froggles feet So he would land safe

PAGE 12 - But He tipped over And fell Down .. down ..down Faster and faster To the ground Where will Froggles land ! When will it ever stop ! Froggles then fell on a trampoline And bounced him into his mothers arms .

PAGE 13 - Now All the froggies and frogs Dance and play Around the campfire They croak real loud and sing While They watch the fireworks of lightning bugs Flicker across the sky Froggie candy As Christmas lights For all the froggies to see.

 PAGE 14 - Froggles now knows and sees It is more fun to share with others The things that are most fun Are free And He will never fly away again.

Only in his dreams As Superman

WRITTEN BY : Romanticallyshy - Tooshyproductions

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